Three armchairs and a bookcase full of books next to a window.

Library & IT Suite

Our tranquil libraries are a favourite space for our residents; it’s the ideal spot to unwind while reading a book in a cosy chair. We invite all residents to take advantage of this serene environment as regularly as possible. Residents have a profusion of genres to pick from, ranging from crime thrillers to romantic books.

Reading aloud or in a group setting allows residents to use their imaginations while also providing conversation subjects for fellow residents and even family members. Our libraries are the perfect place to unwind, whether members prefer to read alone in a cosy corner or play a card game quietly with a fellow resident.

The Benefits of Reading

We encourage our residents to visit our library regularly; reading can have a big impact on people’s health and it has been demonstrated to improve mental health, communication skills and ability to improve imagination. Reading is an important exercise for reducing stress, increasing memory and even improving sleep patterns. Our library is designed to provide a variety of physiological and mental well-being benefits.

Two checked armchairs with a plotted plant next to a window.
A bookcase, glasses on a open book and a checked armchair.

A Variety of Books

Our library has been designed to appeal to as many residents as possible, with popular classics like “Pride and Prejudice” as well as more recent literature. Whatever genre a resident prefers, our library shelves will almost certainly have something for them. Our book collection is constantly updated, ensuring that even the most ardent bookworms will never be bored. Our Activity Coordinators also ensure the library offers large print books to make this activity as accessible as possible.

Two checked armchairs with a plotted plant and a coffee table with newspaper on top and next to a bookcase.
Laptop with printer on desk.

What You’ll Find at Longbridge Deverill Nursing Home

Our residents are at the heart of the home here at Longbridge Deverill Nursing Home, which is why we have purposely built our care home to provide a variety of features and facilities that ensure comfort and convenience for our residents.

Books, Magazines & Newspapers

Large Print Books

IT Suite

Library FAQs

Yes, we encourage book clubs when we have groups of residents with similar reading interests and preferences. Participating in book clubs can foster a sense of community and provide opportunities for engaging discussions.

Absolutely! We value resident input and encourage suggestions for new books. If you have specific titles in mind that you’d like to read, please let our staff know. We’ll do our best to accommodate your requests and ensure our collection reflects the interests and preferences of our residents.

In addition to a diverse collection of books, our library offers a range of resources, including magazines, newspapers, puzzles, and electronics. We strive to provide a variety of materials to cater to different reading preferences and levels of engagement, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

High Standards of Care Personalised to Your Needs

Our nursing home in the local community of Warminster, Wiltshire is proud to provide specialist care and support in a variety of ways. We endeavour to provide the highest standards of care, offering support and companionship whilst encouraging independence for elderly people.


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