Specialist Dementia Care

Longbridge Deverill offers a range of care and Nursing services, including specialist and complex dementia care in Wiltshire for residents aged 50+. Our specialist dementia care is provided across both Wylye and Marquess units, and residents are fully supported to uphold a sense of identity and purpose.

Our specialist dementia units are purpose-built with a figure-of-eight layout with destination areas and points of focus to support ease of walking, reminiscence, and familiarity. Both units can accommodate 14-16 residents who have access to the lounge, dining area, sensory and activity rooms, communal areas and a rooftop terrace with stunning views of our beautiful gardens, woodland and surrounding areas. At Longbridge Deverill Nursing Home we strive to ensure our dementia units provide a warm and homely environment that fully supports and enhances the experience of living with dementia.

What is Dementia Care?

Dementia is a term used to describe symptoms that can affect memory, problem-solving, language and behaviour. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common type of dementia, although other forms of dementia include Vascular, Lewy body, frontotemporal lobe, Korsakoff and mixed dementia. Individuals living with dementia may lack the ability to maintain their safety and require support with their activities of daily living (ADL’s). At Longbridge Deverill Nursing Home skilled and trained staff support individuals to uphold their independence and choices within their daily life.

We have dedicated ‘Dementia Champions’ within the home who are involved in auditing processes to improve our dementia service and support our care team and family members regarding issues relating to dementia care and services provided to older people. It can be challenging to accept a dementia diagnosis and we extend our support to family, friends and carers. We work in unison with the care home liaison team (mental health service), the memory service and our home GP service to ensure care and treatment plans are optimised. All staff within the home receive dementia training, with Care and Nursing staff receiving enhanced training including de-escalation, management and intervention training (DMI) alongside stress and distress training. We have a thorough and detailed training programme which ensures individuals living with dementia can continue to lead fulfilled and enriched lives in a safe environment with the skilled support of our team.

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Daily Life at Longbridge Deverill for Dementia Residents

At Longbridge Deverill Nursing Home, we understand that the individual experience of dementia and how they view the world around them differs from person to person. The way in which an individual living with dementia will respond and react is dependent on their personality, previous experiences, social and emotional support they receive, their environment and understanding of their diagnosis. By formulating a person-centred and individualised care plan and approach we aim to establish the individual’s perspective, understanding, coping strategies and triggers to reduce any distress that can be experienced by individuals living with dementia.

Residents are supported to maintain a well-balanced diet and hydration needs. Staff promote choice regarding mealtimes and pictorial aids such as a picture menu, adapted cutlery and utensils are available to aid understanding and decision-making. Menu choices are seasonal and there is a variety to ensure personal preferences and choices are upheld. Residents have access to snacks and food outside of mealtimes including freshly made cakes and buffet-style foods available in addition to our full menu. Positive socialisation at mealtimes is encouraged, with in-room dining optional for those who prefer to dine in their own privacy and environment.

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Our Activities team provide an interactive, inclusive and stimulating schedule to support residents with memory function, reminiscence, relaxation and socialisation. Residents are supported to access our beautiful gardens and surrounding areas and the community for trips out. We have regular performers, musicians, and entertainers visiting the home alongside pet therapy and zoo lab sessions. Activities are delivered within both a group setting and 1:1 basis depending on individual preferences and needs.

The layout of the units is purpose-built and designed into a figure-of-eight layout to incorporate themed destination areas that promote reminiscence, stimulation and interest. Destination areas include a post office, bakery, sweet shop, library, hairdresser, bus stop, jungle and fruit picking area. Furthermore, we have a purpose-built sensory room and a Nursery/ Pets corner to illicit positive memories and a sense of purpose and stimulation.

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