We are able to provide residents a tantalising and diverse meal every day thanks to our talented in-house chef. Our highly qualified kitchen team considers all cuisine tastes and dietary concerns while creating our breakfast, lunch and tea menus.

We recognise the value of a well-balanced meal in maintaining overall health and well-being. We modify our meals on a regular basis while keeping familiar favourites to ensure that residents look forward to every meal time. The food supplied is appropriate for all of our residents, with hot and cold selections as well as soft and easy-to-eat meals available.

Homemade Food

When creating menus, our Chef considers all allergies, cultural preferences and nutritional needs, ensuring that all meals are suited for everyone. We make every effort to meet the needs of our residents, whether they are vegetarians, pescatarians or vegans. We go above and beyond to learn about our residents’ preferences and do all possible to meet their needs.

What You’ll Find in Our Dining Areas

Longbridge Deverill Care Home provides a choice of meal options that are both convenient and pleasant for all residents. Each mealtime will be as enjoyable as the previous thanks to an expert kitchen team and a wide range of delectable cuisines to choose from.

Private Dining

In-House Chef

24-Hour Room Service

Caring for Needs, Wishes & Lifestyle Choices

Longbridge Deverill offers Residential Dementia Care, Specialist Dementia Care, Nursing Care and Respite Care for up to 60 residents. in a purpose-built care home. We are proud to provide our residents with the highest quality around-the-clock care, offering support and companionship whilst encouraging independence. Our experienced and compassionate team takes the time to get to know our residents and their loved ones, from hobbies and interests and everything else in between. Working closely with each resident and their loved ones allows us to formulate an individual plan of care that’s tailored to meet their needs, wishes and lifestyle choices.

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