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Quiet Areas

Longbridge Deverill Care Home has been designed with residents in mind, allowing them to live their lives their way, whether they want an active lifestyle, a quieter lifestyle or a combination of both. Our beautiful home and landscaped gardens are ideal for those who enjoy peace and quiet and prefer a slower pace of life.

The impact of noise on residents, particularly those with dementia, is considered and prioritised by our care staff. We recognise that certain times of the day, such as shift change-over and mealtimes can be particularly noisy, and we have designated quiet areas where residents can go if they so wish.

Quiet Outdoor Spaces

Our beautifully landscaped gardens and rooftop terrace provide the ideal setting for our residents to unwind and relax. Residents have access to a wonderful outdoor space where they can sit quietly and take in everything that nature has to offer, lose themselves in a book, or play a tabletop game. Our well-kept grounds are secure and private, providing residents of Longbridge Deverill a safe space to relax amongst nature.

Quiet Areas at Longbridge Deverill Nursing Home

Utilising the tranquil places available in and around our home can be beneficial to all of our residents. If our residents become overwhelmed, soft furnishings, soothing lighting, and peaceful noises can help them focus and relax. From the bedrooms to the garden, the library to the designated quiet areas throughout the house, residents have many alternatives for where to go and how they choose to enjoy a more serene way of life.

What You’ll Find at Longbridge Deverill Nursing Home

Our residents are at the heart of the home here at Longbridge Deverill Nursing Home, which is why we have purposely built our care home to provide a variety of features and facilities that ensure comfort and convenience for our residents.

Outdoor Seating

Relaxing Environment

Enjoy Some Me Time

Quiet Areas FAQs

Our quiet areas are designed with comfort in mind. You can expect to find comfortable seating, soft lighting, and a soothing ambiance in these spaces. Whether you’d like to read a book, engage in quiet contemplation, or have a peaceful conversation with a loved one, our quiet areas provide the perfect atmosphere for relaxation and tranquility.

Certainly! Our quiet areas are not only for residents but also extend a warm welcome to family members and visitors. We understand the importance of creating serene spaces for everyone to enjoy moments of calm and connection. Whether you’re spending time with your loved one or seeking a peaceful spot for reflection, our quiet areas are open to all.

Our quiet spaces are accessible to all residents. Our home provides areas that are spacious, have comfortable seating, and are wheelchair accessible. We understand that all of our residents will want to take time for themselves every now and then, which is why we have multiple quiet areas around our home in addition to our resident’s private bedrooms.

High Standards of Care Personalised to Your Needs

Our nursing home in the local community of Warminster, Wiltshire is proud to provide specialist care and support in a variety of ways. We endeavour to provide the highest standards of care, offering support and companionship whilst encouraging independence for elderly people.


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