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Participating in group activities is a fantastic way to meet new people and pick up new skills. Our Activities Coordinator is enthusiastic about coming up with new and exciting activities, such as our weekly Arts & Crafts classes. Residents can participate in a variety of crafts, ranging from painting and colouring to flower arranging and origami.

Residents who are given the opportunity to be creative enjoy a number of emotional and physical benefits. Residents are guaranteed to have a wonderful time and enjoy spending time with their fellow residents, staff and invited loved ones when these group activities are paired with the social aspect that these group activities provide.

Significant Wellbeing Benefits

Our Activity Coordinators are dedicated to creating an interesting and diverse activities programme where all residents can feel motivated and ready to take on each day. We believe that art therapy, in its many forms, promotes the well-being of older persons. Group activities can also help residents, staff, loved ones and the broader community foster deep and long lasting bonds. Arts & Crafts classes are about more than just painting a picture; they provide a variety of benefits, including improving memory, greater self-esteem, sense of pride and stimulate the imagination.

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Accessible Activities

All of the activities offered to residents are designed to be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of ability. Residents are encouraged to participate in all activities in a safe and controlled manner, since this helps them to try new things and learn new abilities, enhancing their overall self-confidence and allowing them to live a more fulfilling existence. All of our programmes have been meticulously organised to meet the needs of our residents, with the goal of making everyone happy.

What You’ll Find at Longbridge Deverill Nursing Home

Our residents are at the heart of the home here at Longbridge Deverill Nursing Home, which is why we have purposely built our care home to provide a variety of features and facilities that ensure comfort and convenience for our residents.

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Arts & Crafts FAQs

Our arts & crafts sessions are varied and include flower arranging, abstract painting, collage, and origami. Our Activity Coordinator ensures each session is different from the next. Our residents have access to equipment that may be needed for a session.

Residents have full control over their creations. They are able to put it on display in their room or gift it to someone they care about. Alternatively, residents can also choose to display their work throughout the house for all to see.

All of the activities that residents partake in will be included in the weekly overall care home price. Art supplies are also included.

High Standards of Care Personalised to Your Needs

Our nursing home in the local community of Warminster, Wiltshire is proud to provide specialist care and support in a variety of ways. We endeavour to provide the highest standards of care, offering support and companionship whilst encouraging independence for elderly people.


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